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Central Valley, CA

Arch491 Studio 5A | 5th Year 1st Studio | Woodbury University | Instructor Jason Rebillot



Project Brief

The initiative of this project is to create a large architecture that fits all the needs related to climate change studies. The design goal of this project is to differentiate architecture on this large scale. The relationship between the architecture itself and humans is the most important part of the design hence the hierarchy of the building would be focusing on the experience of traveling through the building. By that means, ease of traveling and efficiency would be the most important part of the design and everything will be designed based on that purpose. To create a more efficient design, I decided to create circulation from the interior to exterior, where people would be entering from the side of the building from the submerged landscape and be greed from the center of the building where there would be a big circular exterior space and spread out accordingly. From there, people would start to circulate themselves by zones and their needs. And because of that, I organized all the programs based on their privacy and the amount of traffic needed, so the programs would be more centralized and reachable at the most convenient. Most programs could be reachable by horizontal escalators where there would be also enough spaces on each side to allow karts to travel through the building if necessary based on the need for ADA regulation. Across each major circulation, there would be smaller minor circulation hallways allowing people to travel by foot to a more precise program. Each category of programs will have restroom arrangements throughout the building to fulfill the needs of convenience.

    Zoning of the building is one of the most important parts of the design so it allows the building to be more organized and in a way where people could navigate themselves more easily and efficiently. In the central courtyard, I’ve decided to add an upper deck “Ring” as a major part of my design since gathering at the center of the building is the hierarchy of the project. While it might not have direct access towards it, I’ve also added Bridges that connect directly from the exterior space on the Ring so It has better access and circulation. In the design of the roof, I’ve chosen to do a more slick roof where it could meet the ends of the horizon with puncturing to penetrate sunlight into the hallways. The roof of the grand entrances are using strips of horizontal panels to help penetrate more sunlight onto the surfaces where a solid piece would not be realistic. I chose to use strips of aluminum panels for the facade where it could give more depth to the building and to help with energy efficiency. The roof material would be using thermoplastic since the roof is being exposed to so much sunlight where it should be well insulated so it won’t be using too much energy. I’ve also decided to add fins on the side facade where it would also be held as an additional storage space.


"Ring" Deck above Central Courtyard

Exterior 1 shade.png

Grand Entrance


Interior Corridor w/ Horizontal Escalator

Exterior 2.png

Exterior Facade



Context Map.png

Context Plan

Site Plan.png

Site Plan

BennyWu_Floor Plan.png

Master Floor Plan

Enlarged Floor Plans_Page_2.png

Enlarged Floor Plan 01

Enlarged Floor Plans_Page_3.png

Enlarged Floor Plan 02

Enlarged Floor Plans_Page_1.png

Enlarged Floor Plan 03



South Elevation.png

South Elevation

Enlarged Elevation A.png

Enlarged Elevation A

Enlarged Elevation B.png

Enlarged Elevation B

Enlarged Elevation C.png

Enlarged Elevation C


Overall Section

Enlarged Section A.png

Enlarged Section A

Enlarged Section B.png

Enlarged Section B

Enlarged Section C.png

Enlarged Section C