Imaginary Future Cities

Mixed-Use Development Prototype

Thesis Degree Project | 5th Year Final Studio | Woodbury University | Instructor Bailey Shugart



Thesis Degree Project - Imaginary Future City
Project Brief/Thesis Statement

With more than 50% of the world’s population living in dense urban areas, the circulation must progress from our typical “ground” movement and begin to design for the movement of our future cities. I am proposing a new mix-used development, allowing for vertical growth which will interlock and connect to adjacent buildings, thus improving the efficiency of movement and circulation, but also a person’s experience.

The current typology of mix-used developments typically has commercial/retail at ground level, most often the 1+4 model, having residential or office space above. In this model, users must travel down to the ground level from one tower to another to get back home or to shop, which is not the most effective way.

This project proposes a new typology of mix-use, allowing communities to be created within towers that will combine and disperse programs in such a way, eliminating the user to travel to the “ground” for circulation.

The development of a new type of living and ways to shop, mix-used developments/ skyscrapers should include retail services in between a few levels of housing, it helps to reduce the number of people allowed in each “zones” and create small neighborhoods within each complex. Each level’s retail should have different categories such as food, groceries, clothing, etc, to provide the needs of nearby “neighborhoods”. Within each housing community, there should always be spaces for small retail stores like convenience stores, takeout restaurants, and other specific retail programs that supply the needs of the neighborhood.

The city’s zoning will be well-incorporated in all dimensions and disperse within the cube. Each block would have mix-used developments to adequate the demand of the citizens, having everything within reach would be the priority of the city’s development.


Project Trailer Animation