Playa Del Rey, CA

Arch384 Studio 3B | 3rd Year 2nd Studio | Woodbury University | Instructor Bailey Shugart



Project Brief

Currently, LAX Airport is heavily packed no matter what time of the day, with the number of travelers and visitors we hope to create a place where it becomes another downtown near LAX which can provide services like transit centers, hotels, exhibition centers, and retail experiences. I chose to combine all the programs and separate them by building wings, so the flow of circulation can be more organized. I start off by arranging different blocks and refine their shape later while applying programs and functionality to them. This project does require us to study the site and structural system, I chose the spaceframe structure on the roof with a 4-way spider glass wall system to ensure maximum visibility and brightness. By experimenting with different types of structural systems, I decided to use the two-way system as my flooring and design system. By playing with the combination and ways of how it was constructed, I am able to create a flexible grid system to ensure the maximum use of space.


Transit w/Retail Exterior Render

Hotel Deck Render

Center Wing Interior Render 2



Noise Pollution.png
Air Pollution.png

Noise Pollution Analysis

Different opacity of hatches shows different levels of noise pollution around the area, the start, and end strips of runways have the most noise with over 75dB, while the surrounding areas are having an average of 65-70 dB of noise pollution.

Activities Analysis

The diagram shows different activities and the density of population by color. Most of the commercial/retail space around LAX is heavily packed during daylight and business hours. S Sepulveda Blvd and Century Blvd has the most activity during different hours overall around the area.

Noise Pollution Analysis

The darkest area is the most polluted area with more than 6-8 times of normal fine particles, while the outer area has 2-3 times of the polluted area outside of LAX.



Context Plan LW Plotted.png

Context Plan

Master Plan LW.png

Master Plan



section LW.png

Section 01



Two Way System Study_Page_01.png

Precedent 01

Two Way System Study_Page_02.png

Precedent 02

Two Way System Study_Page_03.png

Precedent 03

Two Way System Study_Page_09.png

Long Span 01

Two Way System Study_Page_14.png

Long Span 02

Two Way System Study_Page_19.png

Long Span 03

Two Way System Study_Page_15.png

Wide Span 01

Two Way System Study_Page_10.png

Wide Span 02

Two Way System Study_Page_20.png

Wide Span 03

Two Way System Study_Page_11.png

Grade Change 01

Two Way System Study_Page_21.png

Grade Change 02

Two Way System Study_Page_18.png

Grade Change 03

Two Way System Study_Page_23.png

Cantilever 01

Two Way System Study_Page_17.png

Cantilever 02

Two Way System Study_Page_12.png

Cantilever 03

Two Way System Study_Page_13.png

Tower 01

Two Way System Study_Page_16.png

Tower 02

Two Way System Study_Page_22.png

Tower 03

Two Way System Study_Page_04.png

Two-way System Design 01

Two Way System Study_Page_05.png

Two-way System Design 02

Two Way System Study_Page_06.png

Two-way System Design 03

Two Way System Study_Page_07.png

Two-way System Design 04

Two Way System Study_Page_08.png

Two-way System Design 05